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Credit Card Help

Credit Card Help

Purchase Protection Policy. The Items sold on our platform have 100% buyer protection.

How it Works ?

First time Users

  1. Enter Credit/ Debit Card Number

  2. Credit Card expiry date

  3. 3 Digit CVV number from back of your card

  4. Select Remember Card to save card information to reuse next time. 

  5. Click Card icon () to toggle between Card Number and  CVV/Expiry date

Use Saved Credit/ Debit Card

  1. Click Select to use last used credit card

  2. Click Add New card to enter new card details

  3. Click Card icon  to toggle between Card Number and  CVV/Expiry date

Information Protection. We do not keep credit card information on Localyft Platform. Credit Card transactions and information are processed at Stripe Financials. Stripe is used by millions including  fortune 500 companies and trusted financial processing software.